Micropigmentation in Toronto is a Booming Business

Mtoronto micropigmentationicropigmentation is a business that is gaining traction and momentum in Canada and North America. The process, sometimes called permanent cosmetics, permanent makeup, dermapigmentation or cosmetic tattooing, has been around for over two decades now, but only in recent years has the process really been perfected. There are many horror stories that appear online from untrained, unqualified or by old and out-dated trained people. These stories, sadly, are often accurate. The industry has changed drastically in the last several years, and many people who have had a negative experience are going to newly trained technicians to have their issues with their makeup corrected.
New technicians trained in Canada are receiving the best training possible and are delivering on this training, which has given the industry a correction of its own. Even permanent makeup technicians who have been doing the processes for years, are opting into taking updated and new training courses in order to learn the best practices that have been developed and they may be missing. As such, the permanent makeup industry is building a more favourable and positive reputation as good work is constantly being done.
The most commonly desired permanent makeup techniques include:
  • lips;
  • eyebrows;
  • eyeliner;
  • facial corrections; and
  • full face
These five techniques have been perfected in recent years and are now designed to be perfectly natural looking. Eyebrows are especially well done and involve using two or more alternating colours to create a truly authentic look. They are both natural looking and shaped properly to match the person's facial shape, colour and contour. The benefits of this permanent makeup are also shown in the amount of time that a person saves in the morning with their makeup routine.
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